Belia Olive Oil

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About olive oil

Olive oil is the extract of the olive fruit.Olive_Oil_Products

There are several types such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil etc., each one being produced during the various phases of the olive harvest and treatment. Some are unrefined (which is good as far as olive oil goes) and others not. 

There are quite a few quality aspects that differentiate various olive oils and the most important are flavor, color and acidity. 

Flavor and color being somehow subjective attributes when judging olive oil quality, most specialists focus on acidity. 

Acidity is the result of the degree of breakdown of the triacylglycerols into free fatty acids. It is expressed as a percentage (%) per 100 grams. The lower this percentage is, the purest the oil is.OliveOil

Extra virgin olive oil is the oil you want to look for.

With acidity lower than 0.8%, it is the purest and least processed of olive oils. It is the extract of the first cold pressing of the olive fruit, with no aromas or chemicals added during the process.

Beliá extra virgin olive oil has a very low acidity, only up to 0.5% and is extracted from the best variety of olive trees, the Koroneiki.

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