Belia Olive Oil

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Our extra virgin olive oil

Beliá is harvesting and producing its olive oil only from the Koroneiki variety olive tree.

It is considered among specialists, to be the king of olive trees.

Koroneiki variety is cultivated only in Greece, and can be found only in specific areas, its native Peloponnesus and some areas of the island of Crete.

Although it has a relatively small yield, Koroneiki is praised for its organoleptic attributes that sets it apart from the rest of the varieties. The rich and intense aromas of the fresh olive, the concentrated unique flavor and most important of all, its low acidity, are some of the features that this gifted tree passes on to its fruit. The Eliá.

Our extra virgin olive oil has a rich fruity flavour, deep green clear colour and acidity only up to 0,3%.

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