Belia Olive Oil

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Our farm

elaionasOur farm is located just outside the small village of Mouzaki in Messinia, the south’ westernmost prefecture of Peloponnesus, land of cultivation and production of some of the best olive oils in the world.

Our olive grove flourishes on the foothills of mount Aegaleo, on an average altitude of 400 mts. This semi-mountainous, rocky location is according to all experts ideal for the growth of the olive tree. And it is this place that gives our product its excellent quality characteristics.

Protected from frost during winter by the mild warm winds of the nearby coastline, our olive trees at the same time, benefit from the cooler temperatures due to the altitude during the summer. These climatic conditions protect our grove from being infected by the most common enemy of the olive fruit, the fruit fly Dacus oleae, which can only thrive in warmer climates.

The result of this charismatic location is a pesticide-free, totally organic, natural Greek product.

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