Belia Olive Oil

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elaionasNature’s gift to man, olive oil or “green gold” as we prefer to call it, is being produced for thousands of years. In the Mediterranean basin and specifically in Greece there are records of olive oil production dating more than 3,000 years back.
Beliá is pairing this lost in time knowledge and experience, with modern life's quality and health demands to bring you our unique product.
Welcome to Beliá extra virgin olive oil !

Beliá is a relatively fresh company. Founded in 2003, by Betty and George friends for almost twenty years, who both share the same passion about healthy living, quality excellence and hard work.

Its name is a composite word that stands for: (B-) from the word Biologiki, the Greek term for organic, and (-eliá) the Greek word for the olive fruit or tree.

Beliá continues a life's work and vision of Betty's father, Nikos, a 4th generation farmer with deep knowledge of the cultivation of the olive tree and the production of olive oil.
We are producing our “green gold” with environmental friendly methods, without the use of any pesticides, delivering to the consumer a product of exquisite quality, aroma and taste.

Our goal is to bring to your everyday table the taste and health benefits of the highly respected Mediterranean diet, rich in extra virgin olive oil consumption.

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